Here’s Our 3 step plan to making £800 per month tax free for almost zero effort…

1. Install the Mystery Horse Bot

2. Log in and click start

3. Wait


The profit since the live launch in June 2013 is £10,563.50 to £50 stakes

This bot wins more days than it loses. It has won 160 out of the last 266 days. With an average profit of 1.16 points per day (£34 at £28 stakes)

The bot runs everyday and needs no supervision.

If you are happy to leave your PC switched on and connected to the net then you can leave the bot running.
(If you prefer you can run this on a VPS or Mac with Parallels)

Everyday at 11:00 it loads the days races and gets to work.

We have been allocated 50 users of this bot and you can secure one of those places today.

There are two pricing options depending on how big you want to stake, because we recommend that you start small and build up your bank then the £50 maximum stake option should be ample for most new users.

You can graduate to the higher stakes option as your bank and confidence grows.

To get started just read the terms and conditions, tick the box, enter your Betfair id and click the button at the right of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this bot run on PC only?  The bot has been created for PC and will run on a PC, a Windows server or a Mac running Parallels for Windows.

Do I have to leave my PC running? Yes your PC needs to be running and connected to the internet. Also you need to switch off any auto power saving features that might switch off your PC if unattended.

Is this a backing or laying system? The bot places back bets on between 1 and 3 selections in each race, your stake is split between the selections.

Does the bot operate a staking plan? No, the bot bets a level stake per race which will be split between selections when multiple selections are bet in a race. There is the option to stop when a set profit or loss has been made and this evens out the profit and loss.