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Totally Handsfree
Set this software up and leave it to run while you're doing other things.

It will bet all and any bets that meet the system criteria.

Holiday Profits
Leave the MBot 2016 running on your PC while you're away.

It will reset each day and ensure you never miss a bet!

Proven Selections
The MBot 2016 runs a systems that has made thousands of pounds over many years!

Everybody Bets Same
Because all selections are found by our software on our central server all users get the same selections.

And the same profit!
How Much Profit Can You Make?
2015 Profit
All through 2015 we have been running this bot for our own benefit while the new customer version was being built by Sporting Bots Ltd.

The profits have been consistent and culminated with £3,526 profit to £10 stakes for the year!
2016 So Far
It's always nice to see profits with live customers on board and great to see people making real money.

The MBot system has of course made huge profits for customers with previous versions of the software.

Now with the improved software from a big software house we are looking forward to many happy customers and profitable months.

The 2016 profit to £10 stakes is £1,154 to date.
Average Monthly Profit of £332 Builder To £10 Level Stakes
You are free to bet at any stake you are comfortable with...
You pay the same monthly fee whether you bet with £10 stakes for an average of £332 per month profit or £100 stakes for £3,320 per month profit.

That fee is £75 for a monthly subscription although discounts are available for longer commitments (telephone Don in Customer Services to discuss discounts or to order your bot)
Guaranteed to Work For You

We are so confident that this new software programmed by Sporting Bots will work on your PC that we will refund you in full if it will not place these profitable bets for you!

In fact if you purchase over the the telephone we won't even charge you until your first bets are placed succesfully
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I’ve tried Mystery Horse Bot before and had problems running the software?
We recognised that with our previous version of the bot that while it made strong profits when users could install it ok, there were a lot of problems for users on some versions of Windows. We have now had a new customer bot created by Sporting Bots Ltd who have experience of 1,000’s of successful instals and after testing we are confident that the new software will work for all users.

If you phone in your order (01302 429 299) you will not be charged until the software makes your first bet.

Will I get the same results as you?
All users get the same selections.

The way the software works is that a master bot on our servers analyses the race and when there are bets these bets are sent to all users, so we all bet the same horses.

I’m worried about trusting software with my Betfair account?
Sporting Bots, who have created the software for us, are long standing developers of betting bots and their software is tested and approved by Betfair.

The software bets at level stakes and we would recommend that all customers start with minimum stakes until they are happy with the software’s operation. You can bet as little as 10p per bet.

Once you are happy the sky's the limit!

How many bets can I expect from the bot?
The Mystery Horse Bot analyses suitable races in the seconds leading up to the off and when all factors are in favour of making a bet then 2 bets are made in the race.

These are invariably horses priced at double figures (10/1 to 20/1) and combined they give us a great chance of securing a profit with a high strike rate.
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